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Living in the northern California bay area it is hard to avoid the sun. Although sun exposure is the primary risk factor for skin cancer, there are more than one million new cases of non-melanoma skin cancer diagnosed each year. Fortunately, non-melanoma skin cancer is unlikely to spread to other parts of the body, and it is very rarely (< 1% time) lethal.

Skin Cancer: Symptoms and Treatment

Skin cancer presents as a change in the skin. Frequently this will be a new lesion that can be waxy yellow in appearance and raised, with vessels near the edges. It also can be a flat spot which is red and irritated and flakes or crusts. You should think of skin cancer whenever you have a new lesion that persists longer than a month and peels, itches or bleeds. If such a lesion is present a biopsy needs to be performed. If you have a lesion which appears concerning, mention it to Dr. Hessler and she can perform a biopsy for the pathologists to review. Frequently Dr. Hessler will work with dermatologists and MOHS surgeons who remove the skin cancer and then Dr. Hessler will perform the plastic surgery repair and closure.

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