miraDry for Excessive Sweating Treatment in Palo Alto

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miraDry is the first and only FDA-approved non-invasive treatment to permanently eliminate excessive underarm sweating (a medical condition known as hyperhidrosis) and odor. It is ideal for individuals who are bothered by the appearance of wet marks on clothing or lingering sweat odor, or who seek a toxin-free and long-lasting solution to excessive sweating. Dr. Jill Hessler, a facial plastic surgeon serving Palo Alto and the surrounding San Francisco Bay area, is pleased to offer this cutting-edge system to her patients.

How Does miraDry Work?

miraDry uses controlled electromagnetic energy to target and destroy sweat and odor glands in the underarms. While miraDry works, a cooling mechanism will protect the surrounding skin and tissues from overheating.

Once the sweat and odor glands are destroyed, they will not regenerate.

Is miraDry Safe to Use?

miraDry is safe and does not affect your ability to sweat (which is essential for your body to cool down) from other body areas. The underarm or axillary sweat glands make up about 1 percent of your overall sweat glands in the body and therefore will not impair your body’s temperature regulation.

Are You a Candidate for miraDry?

miraDry sweating treatment in Palo Alto may be appropriate if you:

  • Are bothered by underarm sweat and odor
  • Are embarrassed by the appearance of sweat, antiperspirant or deodorant stains on clothing
  • Constantly feel sticky or unclean at the end of the day
  • Do not like the chemicals found in some antiperspirants or deodorants

Dr. Hessler and the team at Hessler Plastic Surgery in Palo Alto can determine whether you are an appropriate candidate for miraDry during a one-on-one consultation.

What to Expect During miraDry Treatment

Treatment with miraDry can be conveniently completed in approximately one hour at Dr. Hessler’s Palo Alto office and plastic surgery center. You will lay down during the treatment and your underarms will be numbed to keep them comfortable during the procedure. Your practitioner will then place a handpiece directly on the numbed underarm skin. The handpiece will apply light suction to the skin to bring the sweat and odor glands closer to the surface. Next, controlled heat is delivered to destroy the sweat and odor glands in the targeted area. Most patients won’t feel anything during the treatment because of the numbing.

Following treatment, you may experience swelling, soreness, tingling and numbness in your underarms. These side effects are minor and should subside within a few days after treatment. Icing the axillary area for the first 24 hours can significantly help alleviate the swelling more quickly. Downtime is minimal; you will be able to return to work immediately after your treatment. Vigorous activities, such as exercise, can be typically resumed within a few days.

You will notice some reduction in sweat and odor production in your underarms almost immediately after treatment, although it can take a few months for the full results to become visible. How much sweat reduction you will experience will depend on a variety of factors. On average, patients see more than 80 percent sweat reduction following two treatments. While some patients see the desired results after one treatment, others with severe hyperhidrosis may require several sessions. Hair reduction for all hair colors is another benefit of the miraDry treatment. This can be combined with additional laser hair removal sessions for greater hair clearance and less laser hair removal sessions necessary.

Dr. Hessler and the team at Hessler Plastic Surgery in Palo Alto can determine the number of treatment sessions you need following a personal consultation.

Learn More about miraDry from Dr. Hessler

Don’t let embarrassing sweat rings and odor stop you from looking and feeling great. Let miraDry and the team at Hessler Plastic Surgery Palo Alto give you back your confidence. To learn more about miraDry, schedule an appointment with the team at Hessler Plastic Surgery. Contact our Palo Alto office and plastic surgery center by calling (650) 799-9009 today.