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As one of the leading San Jose / Palo Alto facial plastic surgeons, Dr. Jill Hessler offers both traditional and minimally invasive facial rejuvenation procedures. Among the minimally invasive treatments, one of the more popular procedures is the mini facelift. This procedure is ideal for younger patients who wish to refresh their appearance but do not need a complete facelift just yet. The mini facelift can improve the jaw line, sharpen the neck line and refresh the overall appearance of the face. After the procedure, Dr. Hessler’s mini facelift patients look more rested and energetic. Dr. Hessler is known for delivering enhancement results that look completely natural and bring out patients’ natural beauty. To learn more, please explore the paragraphs below.

Mini Face Lift: What Is It?

Mini facelift has many different names. Weekend Lift, Lifestyle Lift, Thread Lift, MACS lift, Feather Lift – all of these names refer to a facelift surgery variation that is less invasive than the traditional (deep plane) face lift. When performing mini facelift, Dr. Hessler uses shorter incisions which aid in quicker healing. As a result, her patients experience less swelling and bruising. This ensures a much shorter recovery than the traditional facelift. The shorter incisions are also more easily hidden, allowing for pulled-back hairstyles that expose the back of the ears.

Shorter incisions mean that the manipulations performed during mini facelift are less extensive than those performed during the traditional facelift. Thus, the facial skin is pulled only slightly, and skin excision can be relatively minor. The result is a very natural-looking appearance without the “pulled face” look.

Mini Facelift: Am I a Candidate?

Because of its gentle nature, the mini facelift is more appropriate for younger patients. Typically, mini facelift is sought by men and women in their 40s and 50s. These individuals might have some jowls, minor skin laxity along the jaw line, deep nasolabial folds running from the nose to the corners of the mouth, and wrinkles in the lower face. All of these aesthetic concerns can be addressed during the mini facelift procedure. However, mini face lift is not appropriate for patients with a large amount of excess, droopy skin. For these individuals, the deep plane (traditional) facelift might be a better option.

One variation of mini facelift –Thread Lift – is appropriate for even younger patients. Some people notice unwelcome signs of aging as early as their 30s. Heredity, unhealthy lifestyles and stress can cause pronounced nasolabial folds, lines around the mouth and “saggy” cheeks. At an early stage, these aesthetic concerns can be improved through Thread Lift – a procedure that uses small barbed threads to lift the facial tissues upward. The threads are inserted through tiny incisions, requiring almost no downtime and leaving no visible scars. If you are interested in this procedure, ask Dr. Hessler whether you might be a Thread Lift candidate.

Mini Face Lift Procedure and Recovery

Depending on the surgical approach used and other plastic surgery procedures performed in conjunction, the mini facelift procedure can be performed in just a few hours. Dr. Jill Hessler uses local anesthesia with variable degrees of sedation for most mini facelift procedures. This means that her Palo Alto / San Jose mini face lift patients are awake but do not experience any sensation during the procedure. As a result, the risk of adverse reactions to general anesthesia is avoided, and patients recover much faster. Most mini facelift patients can return to light activities and work within one week, and strenuous activities and exercise can be restarted in two weeks. During the recovery time, most patients do not experience significant pain or major discomfort. Any unpleasant sensations can be managed with appropriate pain medications prescribed by Dr. Hessler.

Mini Facelift and Other Facial Rejuvenation Procedures

Mini facelift is appropriate for younger patients who desire a slight rejuvenating effect, not a dramatic makeover. In addition, the prospective mini facelift patients should keep in mind that this procedure addresses the signs of aging in the lower face only. If you are also concerned about droopy eyelids or lines on your forehead, Dr. Hessler might recommend that you combine mini facelift with upper-face procedures, such as forehead lift or eyelid surgery in San Francisco. If your concern is sunken eyes or deflated-looking cheeks, the youthful facial volume can be restored by carefully chosen facial fillers or fat grafting. In order to enhance and maintain the beautiful effect of your mini facelift, Dr. Hessler might recommend periodic facial injectables or laser skin resurfacing. She will create a comprehensive treatment plan for you that will help you look like you – only more rested, energetic and youthful.

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