Male Facelift in Palo Alto

Also Serving San Jose and the San Francisco Bay Area

Many men seek facelift to maintain their competitive edge in the workplace or just to continue to look as young as you feel. Environmental factors, the northern California sun, smoke exposure and genes can have a deleterious effect on our skin creating a tired and aged appearance. Overtime it becomes more difficult to tighten the skin back to its original shape. A facelift addresses the jowl area bellow the mouth. For smaller amounts of skin a minimally invasive ‘minilift’ or ‘quicklift’ can be performed tightening the skin and tissues in this area alone. For more significant skin redundancy a full facelift and necklift is performed to tighten the underlying supports of the face and redrape the skin. In male facelift patients careful attention must be made with the beard and hairline around the ear. While in women the incision for the facelift surgery is performed behind the tragus or cartilage of the ear in men the incision is beforemed in front of the ear so undesired hair is not pulled onto the ear. Men also have shorter hair styles which limit the ability to hide scars with the hair so Dr. Hessler pays particular attention to the incision lines so they are well hidden. The emphasis with male facelifting is on refining and sharpening the jaw and neck structures to preserve a strong masculine appearance.