Facial Implants in Palo Alto

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Facial implants can improve the balance and structure of the face. Implants commonly used in facial plastic surgery include cheek or malar implants and chin implants. Our facial contours are a result of the skin thickness and texture, the degree of underlying facial fat and musculature and the deep bony skeleton. Facial implants generally serve to support the underlying bony skeleton but can also create youthful contours and add balance to the face in areas of volume loss as well.

Where are facial implants placed?

Malar implants are placed over the cheek bone to enhance the natural cheekbone and give lifting to the face. A malar implant can also lift the nasolabial folds and the skin of the face. When more significant weight loss occurs the face can appear hollow and gaunt.

What are implants made of?

The implants most commonly used in the face are solid silicone implants. Unlike breast implants, there is not a liquid component which can leak out. Therefore facial implants have not had any of the problems associated with breast implants. These materials are very well tolerated by the facial tissues without reaction or rejection.

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